What is StakeXchain?

Stakexchain is an online and offline based eCommerce Company with a new innovative business concept built around rewarding customers each and every time they shop from the platform. Stakexchain is co- founded by Sean Costan, a Chinese born British who has been in the startup financing work space with years of network marketing experience, we are in partnership with several business professionals in our administrative team whose main purpose is to critically and constantly strategize on new ways of building and maintaining the momentum, promotion and sustainability of the company.

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Stakexchain has a decade of mapped out plans and innovations in order to enable the company stands out as one of the biggest network marketing and e-commerce company globally. We are currently one of the fastest growing online community in the world in regards to e-commerce.

Our goal!

Our goal is to change the narrative in regards to e-commerce to a system where customers can be financially rewarded whenever they purchase a product, this we believe will promote the company and build customer loyalty.

We have carefully designed a pay plan that can last over a decade of business activity and we constantly check and balance in order to ensure that our current payment system doesn’t jeopardize our goal for long term and sustainability.

How it works

Our stakexchain system enables you accumulate shop wallet point through the network marketing and stake share profit system.

This shop wallet is used to purchase products from the e-store area.

Assuming you bought some product worth $100 package from the e-commerce platform, you’re automatically placed on the stakexchain 3 by 9 Matrix where you can earn a share commissions from the purchase of other customers.


So assuming you are Mr. A and Mr. B, Mr. C and Mr. D, shops after you on the $100 package, and was placed under your matrix automatically, you’re going to earn 10% of the shopping volume of Mr B, C and D which equals $30 (30%) and when 9 other persons shops on the $100 package and are placed under you, you earn 15% of their shop volume which equals $135(135%).

So in total you have made $135(135%) plus $30(30%) which equals $165(165%).

Now to ensure a sustainable and long lasting system  the company keeps part of that money as their profit and pays the rest to you which is paid in bits within a period of 30 days,  depending on your initial shopping package, either as a basic, classic or pro member.

After the company has deducted their own profit, you will be left with an average of $124(124%) to $129(129%). Meaning you bought a product for $100 and in 30 days you can earn a total

of $124(124%) to $129(129%) ,now in order to ensure the sustainability of the system ,just as you earned the stake shop profit from other customer purchase , other customers will also earn a share profit from your own next purchase , so the money you’re  paid is split into two sections, 80% is paid as shopping voucher which you can use to re-order product from the e-store and 20% is paid as commission which you can withdrawal whenever you want.

The 9 Simple Ways to Make Money from StakeXchain!

There are different ways of earning through stakexchain:

  • Stake share commission
  • Stake share matching commission
  • Direct referral  commission
  • Binary commission
  • Binary matching commission
  • Rank incentives
  • New plan/upgrade share commission
  • Level 1 and 2 mentorship commission
  • Stockiest commission
  • Promotional/testimonial bonus.

 1). Stake share commission: – earn commission daily for 30 days from the stake share profit system, in order to keep earning you have to re-order products with your shopping wallet.

2). Stake share matching commission: – earn a percentage on whatever your down lines earn daily on their daily stake share commission.

  • Level 1 – 15%
  • Level 2 – 8%
  • Level 3 – 4%
  • Level 4 – 2%
  • Level 5 – 2%
  • Level 6 – 2%
  • Level 7 – 2%

3). Direct referral commission: – here you earn 10% onetime referral commission on whatever registration or upgrade volume generated by your direct down lines.

Also whenever you refer someone who becomes a stockiest you will be paid 10% on whatever the stockiest earn per month

There is no limit to how much you can earn on your direct referral commission irrespective of your entrance or current upgrade package.



Mr. A registers on gold basic $120(120pv)

So you earn 10% of $120 = $12


If Mr. A upgrades to bronze pro $1,920(1,920pv) you will earn a percentage of the difference of the old and new package volume

$1,920 – $120 = $1,800

So your new referral commission will be 10% of $1,800 = $180

Here you can refer as many persons as you want.

And as they move from one package to the other to enable them learn and earn more you make more money.


4). Binary team commission: – here you earn 10% binary commission to infinity on all volumes generated on your lesser leg.


5). Binary matching commission:

Earn a percentage of whatever your down lines earn daily on their binary team commission.

  • Level 1 – 20%
  • Level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 10%
  • Level 4 – 5%
  • Level 5 – 5%

6). Rank incentive:

Jade – accumulate 10,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $100 cash award , $200 free shopping voucher and a luxury wrist watch worth $100

Pearl – accumulate 40,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $300 cash award , $400 shopping voucher and one chair massager worth $500

Sapphire – accumulate 100,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $5,000 car award and $1,000 continental trip award or 2,000 shopping voucher

Ruby – accumulate 450,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $15,000 car award and an all-expense paid intercontinental trip award worth $2,500 or $5000 shopping voucher

Emerald – accumulate 600,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn – $30,000 car award or 50,000 housing plan award paid in 5 months

Black diamond – accumulate 1,200,000gv on your binary lesser leg and earn –  $200,000 housing plan award paid in 10 months.

Note: once you generate up to $5000gv on your lesser leg , you are recognized as a  stakexchain leader and will be given various free award products , you can contact your stockiest center on this area.

Rank commission volume for mentors also accumulate for rank

7). New plan/upgrade share commission: – whenever company launches a new stake plan 3% of all profits through registration are shared that month by partners who are on current new plan either through registration or upgrade this is paid through our monthly promotional pay plan. Contact your mentor or stockiest for more details.

8). Level 1 and 2 mentorship commission: – earn 3% on all wallet purchase done as a 2nd generation mentor  and 20% matching commission as a 1st generation mentor  partner on all the commissions earn from your 2nd generation mentor , 50% of these commissions are accumulated as ranking volume ,you can view the agreement document for more details.

 9). Promotional bonus: – make and promote a 1-2 minutes testimonial video and

get paid a percentage of your current stake package based on the number of views, commissions are only paid once a month.

10 – 1000 views = 1%

1001 – 5000 views = 2%

5001 and above = 4%




In order for any company to survive, integrating  a strong and well calculated system helps to ensure the sustainability of the system.

These rules are designed to check over payment which can destabilize the financial structure of our system, please watch the safety net video for more details or contact your mentor.



Earn a percentage of whatever your down lines earn daily on their binary team commission.

To earn binary team commission you must have personally sponsored two persons, one left and one right.

In all binary matching commission earnings, 80% is paid into commission wallet, while 20% is paid into shop wallet.

Level 1    –     20% = to earn level 1, you must be a gold basic member or above

To earn level 2 – 5, you must be on bronze classic or above and  you must have personally brought in 4 bronze classic members or above.

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 10%

Level 4 – 5%

Level 5 – 5%


  • Gold basic – $100 earning limit per day
  • Bronze classic – $150 earning limit per day
  • Silver classic – $300 earning limit per day
  • Gold classic – $450 earning limit per day
  • Bronze pro – $600 earning limit per day
  • Silver pro – $750 earning limit per day
  • Gold pro – $900 earning limit per day


STAKE SHARE COMMISSION To keep earning through your stake share matching commission you must maintain a certain purchase volume depending on your current package.

  • Promo package – 3pv per month/30days
  • Bronze basic – 6pv per month/30days
  • Silver basic – 12pv per month/30days
  • Gold basic – 24pv per month/30days
  • Bronze classic – 48pv per month/30days
  • Silver classic – 96pv per month/30days
  • Gold classic – 192pv per month/30days
  • Bronze pro – 384pv per month/30days
  • Silver pro – 768pv per month/30days
  • Gold pro – 1536pv per month/30days

DAILY STAKE SHARE MATCHING COMMISSION – earn a percentage on whatever your down lines earn daily on their daily stake share commission.

To earn here member must have an active stake package running.

Level 1 – 15%

 To earn level 2 – 7 ,you must be on bronze classic or above and  you must have personally brought in 4 bronze classic members or above.

Level 2 – 8%

Level 3 – 4%

Level 4 – 1%

Level 5 – 1%

Level 6  – 1%

Level 7 – 1%



  • Promo package – $10
  • Bronze basic – $25
  • Silver basic – $50
  • Gold basic – $100
  • Bronze classic – $150
  • Silver classic – $300
  • Gold classic – $450
  • Bronze Pro – $600
  • Silver Pro – $750
  • Gold Pro – $900


FAQs: –

  • When was stakexchain founded?

As an internal training program we have existed since 22nd november 2017 but came up with our e-commerce company and  on the 9th of may 2019 and pre-launched openly 29th  july 2020.

  • How sustainable can this system be?

Considering our team administrative heads we are confident that we have a good balanced pay plan and administrative system to ensure the sustainability of our project.

  • In cases of large number of persons joining how responsive is your administration?

We have a large number of customer care administrators, who we have trained previously and as the community grows we intend to recruit more.

  • How reliable is the software/website integration system?

We are currently working with one of the best programmers in the industry and we have fully tested every system to ensure there are no glitches along the line.

  • Apart from your current office location do you have any plans of expanding?

We intend to establish large offices through our mentors and stockiest  in each  country where we have a membership based above 5000.

  • In cases of competition what will be your response?

A sustainable system must be willing to evolve, which we will do as the need arises but not without the consulting and involvement of the general administrative team, country representative and mentors.

  • Based on the current covid-19 pandemic how do you intend to Stay afloat?

On the contrary there is no better time for online business than now, people are in need of home based business modules and i think our project can meet that need.


We’ve all helped world giants like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Aliexpress, EBay, BestBuy and so many others build the empire they now enjoy without any form of reward system for customer loyalty (our loyalty – you and I).

StakeXchain has therefore put themselves at the fore front of leading this revolution called; The New Retail which provides a system where customers are rewarded for their loyalty each and every time they shop on the platform.

It’s no brainer to realize that one big challenge facing the eCommerce industry is that of customer loyalty. This is serious because the internet gives everyone the power and opportunity to check for prices of any item they are looking for across other Online Shopping store before they finally bring out their money to pay. In the process of doing this, your customers are likely not to come back to you if they get the same item at another Store even for just 0.5% lesser the price you are selling. This is why Stakexchain is not necessary focusing on the prices of items but the reward system which will definitely keep customers coming back for more!
Stakexchain is currently available worldwide. With your smartphone and with only the capital of $45, (without forgetting that there are other packages like that of $90, $180, $360, $720) with a community that has a determination to change lives, you can go far. You can make your dreams come true. Join StakeXchain now that the company is still in tis pre-launch, a Life changing opportunity you will live to thank yourself very soon that you took the right step. Do not hesitate to contact me so that you can join in the community and become a member of this great global society which is changing the lives of many. With only your smartphone, you can go far!
#Stakexchain #MakeMoneyIn2020.

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